About Us

The Central Coast Treatment Center for Eating, Exercise, and Body Image Disorders offers a holistic and dynamic approach for adults, adolescents, and children from Ventura to Paso Robles. Many factors come together to create the ‘perfect storm’ that fuels each individual’s unique disorder. We provide a highly coordinated, multi-faceted treatment program that approaches the disorder from every angle. Our Self-retrieval process confronts the deep social conditioning at the core of disordered eating, exercise addiction, and body image obsession.

The Central Coast Treatment Center helps our clients make use of disordered symptoms to access the Self and discover the path to lasting recovery. We show patients of all ages another way to live. We encourage authentic relating and normalize courageous risk taking. We promote a Self Soul Practice that draws on nature, the arts, and spirituality to help clients enter the inner, quiet mind and connect with phenomena that bring a sense of resonance, wholeness, and calm. The Central Coast Treatment Program is the doorway to real breakthroughs for those struggling with eating and body image disorders.


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