For Patients & Families

We have included detailed information about our programs on this website, both our Day Treatment andIntensive Outpatient options. Below we have compiled a few additional resources for patients, and family members or loved ones. If you or a loved one are struggling with an eating disorder, please Contact Us for more specific and customized resources and information.

Suggested Reading for Patients:

  • The Eating Disorder Sourcebook – by Carolyn Costin
  • Eating in the Light of the Moon – by Anita Johnston
  • Desperately Seeking Self – by Viola Fodor
  • Living Without Ed – by Jenni Schaefer
  • Breaking Free from Emotional Eating – by Geneen Roth
  • When Food is Love – by Geneen Roth
  • Like, I’m So Fat – by Dianne Neumark (adolescents)
  • Intuitive Eating – by Tribole and Resch
  • Women, Food and God – by Geneen Roth
  • Body Drama by Nancy Amanda Redd
  • 8 Keys to Recovering from an Eating Disorder Carolyn Costin

Suggested Reading for Family & Loved Ones:

  • The Eating Disorder Sourcebook and 100 Questions and Answers – by Carolyn Costin
  • A Parents Guide to Eating Disorders – by Marcia Herrin
  • Surviving an Eating Disorder – by Michelle Siegel
  • Just a Little Too Thin – by Michael Strober (adolescent restricting)
  • 100 Questions & Answers about Eating Disorders by Carolyn Costin
  • Mom I Hate My Life by Sharon Hersh
  • Your Child’s Weight; Helping without Harming by Ellyn Satter
  • Eating With your Anorexic by Laura Collins (on the Maudsley Method)
  • Eating Disorder Resource: Gurze Books
  • Mothering & Daughtering – by Sil & Eliza Reynolds