Resources For Professionals

This website has comprehensive information about the program. If you have any questions – please Email Us or Call us at 805-688-5057.

If you are considering Central Coast Treatment Center as a treatment option for your client’s eating or exercise disorder, the following are some important things for you to know:

  • When you have a client you think might need our service, call our central office at 805-688-5057 to give us information about the client, and to get any questions answered.
  • You can give your client our contact information and suggest they call us to have their questions answered and to set up the time and date for a phone interview.
  • We want your involvement with any client who comes to us. First we would like to get release forms to talk to you prior to the client’s admission. We can provide the forms to the client for you.
  • We encourage your involvement during your client’s treatment at our program. You can call in and be involved in the treatment team meetings, have phone sessions with your client or you can do any of this in person. We work out these arrangements after the client has admitted.
  • Our goal is to include you as part of the treatment team. If you are having sessions with your client during her stay, you will be in regular contact with her program therapist. If you are not having sessions with your client during her stay, we will provide periodic updates and arrange for transition sessions with you prior to discharge.

The bottom line is we value the input of referring therapists and all past treatment professionals who are or have been involved in the person’s recovery process.

We often have a waiting list, so please check on the approximate wait for your client. [Note: It is always best to call in advance if you suspect a client will need our help, that way the wait will be limited]

If you would like to set up a tour or receive additional information, please Contact Us.

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