What Age Categories do you treat?

We offer three tracks for male and female clients from adolescents to 65+:

  • Teen Track: 13-16 years old
  • Young Adult Track: 17-25 years old
  • Adult Track: 25-65+ years old

(16/17 year olds can choose teen track)

What are the hours and days per week of the PHP (Day Treatment) Program?

Our program is available 5-6 days/week. Individuals can initially attend 6 days and then gradually step down as they progress in treatment. In Santa Barbara, Day treatment generally begins at 11 am and ends at 7pm. In San Luis Obispo, Day treatment generally begins at 9 am and ends at 4 or 7 pm. The timing can vary depending on individual appointment times and the amount of meal support needed.

It is possible to individualize the PHP schedule to accommodate certain outside scheduling demands without interfering with the quality of the experience.

Click to see sample PHP schedule for Santa Barbara, and for San Luis Obispo.

What are the hours and days per week of the IOP (Intensive Outpatient) Program?

Our program is available 3-6 days/week. Individuals can initially attend 6 days and then gradually step down as they progress in treatment. Program is 3-4 hours per day, with flexibility based on the client’s needs, and we can accommodate for school, work, or other outside demands.

What if I am referred by a specific therapist whom I wish to continue to see while in the program?

Clients are encouraged to continue to see their existing therapists, and all existing health care professionals can receive weekly progress if the client so desires.

What types of weekly individual appointments do PHP clients have?
  • 2 individual psychotherapy sessions
  • 1-2 individual sessions with a registered dietitian specializing in eating disorders
  • 1 or more meetings with our attending medical doctor and/or psychiatrist
  • 1 family or couples session/week
  • Possible individual yoga, body-mind integration, or exercise sessions
  • Possible individual stress reduction/meditation sessions
What types of insurance do you accept?

The Central Coast Treatment Center is contracted with most major insurance companies.

How much of the treatment costs will I be responsible for?

The clinical intake includes an insurance and benefits check that will determine your costs.

What factors influence the level of my responsibility for treatment costs?

Insurance policies differ by individual and by company. However, there are two primary factors that determine costs not covered by insurance:

  1. The amount of your deductible that has been paid during the year of entry into treatment. In this respect, the year refers to January 1 – December 29.
  2. The co-pay dollar amount per unit of care. The co-pay usually represents only a small portion of treatment costs.

How do I know if I will be approved for the Intensive Outpatient or Day Treatment Program?
Based on the information provided by the clinical intake, the Central Coast Treatment Center evaluates the level of treatment needed and sends an initial clinical request to the insurance company. We advocate on behalf of the client for the level of care we believe appropriate based on our assessment. Clinical utilization reviews then take place regularly during the course of treatment. We send these reviews to the insurance company and request the level of treatment clinically necessary. The Central Coast Treatment Center then bills the insurance company directly for the costs it has agreed to cover.