If you are reading this and you have repeatedly quit or altogether avoided exercise, you may be surprised to discover the important underlying reasons for your lost motivation to be active through this fascinating process!

In our fitness focused culture we are inundated with apps, gadgets, and workout dogma galore, alongside the endless stream of documented health benefits promised with regular physical activity. These logic-based systems don’t work for a certain sector of women! This process uses your own wisdom to tap into a layer of hidden resources, answers and instincts within your psyche. From here the energy and freedom to re-activate your physical body is much, much more available.

Premise Number One

At some point in life, we split off from inhabiting our bodies in the fully connected way that is natural to our vital, creative self.

The first Self Inquiry involves a new look at your life up until now. Using a life map or other life review process, you are guided to pinpointing the reasons that you may have unconsciously split off from fully living within your body.

Premise Number Two:

Being physically active is absolutely natural to female mammals in their natural environment. (Do we have to tell a female dolphin to leap through the water in her wild pods?) It is therefore a birthright, a given life force that remains alive within each woman no matter what. The inquiry process shows you how to activate your buried Power. You will decide how you want to live with it.

  • Writing:

    Can you think back and remember a time when you did activity for fun? When you jumped and enjoyed movement because you wanted to, for your soul purpose (not because anyone told you to do so). Explain below some examples of how you remember enjoying activity in the past.

  • Become Curious:

    Can you think back and remember a time when you did a physical activity with self-abandon, sheerly for the fun of it. Putting it another way, can you recall a time you were physically active for your own soul purpose (not because anyone told you to do so). Explain below some examples, no matter how recent or far past they are.


Explore the Sources of Resistance

When we begin to explore where our adverse experience from activity and comes from, we can then explore where we derive joy from as well.

Read through some of the following statements typically made by those who have had adverse experience from activity and exercise. Check off any of the boxes you agree with and can relate to:

I love the way exercise makes me feel, but I don’t seem to make it a priority to do it consistently.

I start exercise or work out programs when I start my new diet. I am consistent until I go off the diet, and then it takes months or years to jump start again–only to eventually quit again.

I once was very athletic. That was a different life time though, and I can’t seem to find the former “me.”

I have never liked exercise: I do it because I should. Although I like the way it makes me feel, I dread the struggle with any form of “workouts.”

I dislike exercise and I wont/don’t do it. I feel guilty and lazy which only makes it worse.

I have never been athletic. Even as a child, I was more sedentary and was the last picked on teams. It’s too discouraging.

I get too anxious when I exercise, so I don’t do it. I mostly just avoid it.

I am too overweight and out of shape to exercise, I might injure myself trying. I’m caught in a vicious cycle of being too big and yet unable to lose weight.

Everyone where I exercise are fit looking or in these great outfits that I don’t fit in. I don’t want to dress up to exercise but I feel watched and judged by others around me. And if the opposite sex is part of the group it’s worse because I don’t feel sexy while I’m exercising.

People have made comments about my body too many times. I don’t want anyone to look at me or think about me.


Which one or few do you relate to the most?
How do these beliefs influence your view of the world?

Let us know by contacting us or posting your comment below…