Our Program Philosophy


Our life-affirming philosophy is based on almost three decades of success helping women and men of all ages overcome eating, exercise, and body image disorders. We understand that disordered symptoms reveal the fundamental aspects of our life that need attention and can act as an unerring guide to lasting recovery. We have witnessed the incredible opportunities for personal growth and fulfillment offered by our psychological struggles. We help clients achieve what may at first seem impossible to imagine – a life of inner peace, wholeness, and happiness.

The Central Coast Treatment Center teaches what our culture disregards – an understanding of the authentic inner Self. The issues underlying disordered eating stem from an alienated relationship to the Self. We provide powerful and refreshing insight into the nature of the true Self and the body we inhabit.

Our philosophy transcends the negative messages that normally surround disordered eating. We don’t teach clients how to ‘stop’ their disordered eating. We help them uncover goals and desires that are so much more compelling and engaging than their eating disordered system. Our clients achieve true recovery by discovering an inspiring and exciting way of life to replace the obsessive, entrapping eating disorder thoughts and behaviors.

Our talented and highly trained team understands the devastating effects that eating, exercise, and body image disorders have on our clients’ lives. Each member of our staff has traveled their own path to psychological recovery – we call it coming out of the rubble better than ever!

We are aware of the confusing and often contradictory information about health and nutrition circulating through our society. Our nutritionists provide a strong foundation in the physiological basis of weight loss, weight gain, metabolism repair, organ healing, and energy production. We understand that it takes time to relearn how to eat, how to approach physical activity, and embrace the purity of our physical body.

We help our clients access the wisdom and guidance of the Self to create an inner world in which authenticity reigns and self-worth comes from simple acts of “being” instead of external achievements. We mend the shattered fragments of the soul and show our clients the path to freedom.