Our Founders

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Francie White M.S., R.D.

Co-founder of the Central Coast Treatment Center, Francie received a B.S. in Health Sciences from UCSB and a M.S. in Nutrition from UC Davis. She has also published research articles with UC Davis Medical School. Currently a PhD candidate in Consciousness Studies at California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco.

In 1983, before eating disorders reached epidemic levels, Francie collaborated with physician John Sanderson in a private practice and specialized in nutritional psychology, exploring the complex and varied relationship people have towards body image, nutrition information, and exercise practices. In the 1980s, weight loss dieting practices exploded with disordered eating as an unexpected casualty.

Francie collaborated extensively with psychiatrists, psychologists and MFTs and studied psychological theories and practices to see what really worked in treatment for overeating, restrictive eating, bulimia, and other obsessive disorders born of the health and fitness culture.

Francie teamed up early on with Geneen Roth, best-selling author of Breaking Free from Emotional Eating and Women, Food, and God, and taught the revolutionary Breaking Free from Emotional Eating Workshops to audiences of 100-300 participants in major cities throughout the United States. She appeared on CNN and local television and radio shows, as an expert on the relationship between weight loss diets, binge eating disorder, media, and culture from an evolutionary biology and psychological standpoint.

She spoke at professional conferences on the psychology underlying health habits and published an academic paper describing Exercise Resistance Syndrome in women. Her book on Exercise Resistance Syndrome is currently being edited for publication. In 1994, she created her own professional training program through her Inner Escapes Workshop Co., where she integrated didactic nutrition science with depth psychological principles for RDs, MDs, and therapists.

Francie was invited to teach psychology graduate students on the treatment eating disorders at Santa Barbara’s Jungian-based Pacifica Graduate Institute. Following the work of Marion Woodman, she incorporated Jungian psychology into her retreats and eventually joined forces with Anita Johnston, Ph.D., author of Eating in the Light of the Moon, and Carolyn Costin, MFT, founder of the Monte Nido Treatment Centers and author of many influential books, including Eight Keys to Recovery from an Eating Disorder. They offer the ever-popular Tending the Feminine Psyche Retreats for professionals internationally.

After decades of a successful private practice alongside her national workshop company, Francie and Terry White founded the Central Coast Intensive Outpatient Program in Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo in 2005 with a full staff of psychotherapists and dietitians. In 2012, the day treatment program opened, representing a culmination of Francie’s decades of work with Terry White.

The innovative Day Treatment & Intensive Outpatient programs provide a qualitatively unique approach to the treatment of eating disorders in a welcoming environment with a staff of professionals who form a close knit dream team.

Francie is currently enrolled as a Ph.D. student at the California Institute of Integral Studies in the consciousness and transformative studies program alongside running Central Coast Treatment Center. Her dissertation is focused on bringing the latest science of human consciousness – and how we lose or create deeply felt meaning in todays modern world.

Francie’s focus is infusing guidance and optimism to counter our multi-generational body/soul crisis, disbanding current culture’s condoned prejudice against overweight, and guiding teachers, coaches, parents and her clients to teach that the body can be trusted and our psychology does effectively guide us through the myriad of confusing lies and truths, when given the roadmap and skills to return to really living inside our own beings and bodies. Francie White brings the optimism about our deeply creative human potential, inspiring a new, richer, meaning-filled level of living beyond any disorder that hijacks our sense of worth, our potential and the quality of any one of our lives.

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Terry White, MFT

Terry White received a B.A. in Recreation Administration from Sacramento State University and specialized in programs for the physically and mentally disabled before returning to Pacifica Graduate Institute in Santa Barbara in 1988, where he completed a M.A. in Depth Psychology. His focus on depth psychology, mindfulness, and dream work, combined with his background in behavioral problems in children, gives Terry a unique perspective on the nature and treatment of eating disorders.

Terry co-lead nationwide workshops and trainings for professionals in the eating disorder field, teaching participants how to apply depth psychology, dream analysis, and art therapy to the treatment of eating and exercise disorders. He is certified by the Board of Behavioral Sciences as a CEU Provider for MFTs and social workers. Terry has studied the healing power of the unconscious aspects of the psyche with Jungian psychologist Stephen Aizenstat, the Chancellor of Pacifica Graduate Institute. Terry incorporates the sand tray process, art, and storytelling into his psychotherapy, and he leads the powerful Dream Therapy Group in the program. Terry is the Clinical Director of both the Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo programs and acts as advisor to the staff, drawing on his personal expertise in children, couples, family, and individual psychotherapy.

Terry recently trained in the ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy) Program, which combines cognitive science with well-known Dialectical Behavioral Therapy and Mindfulness practices. Terry is devoted to remaining on the cutting edge of the field and providing compassionate care to his patients and their families.